Employee Wellness: Motiva

At Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC), we value the total well-being of our employees. Our Motiva Wellness Department was instituted in order to create a culture of healthy living that empowers all employees to thrive at HCSC.

Making Employee Wellness Easy

Motiva is one of the most progressive wellness departments in the field because they seek to support all areas of our employee’s well-being. We are dedicated to not only improving employees’ physical health through nutrition and exercise, but their mental and emotional health as well.

We provide employees with a range of wellness communications, tools, programs and other resources to help them get active, eat healthy, manage their weight and reduce stress. They also work closely with employees to help them find a balance between work and home life, and achieve greater happiness and peace.

2015 Employee Wellness Initiatives

In 2015, several initiatives were put in place to encourage our employees to lead purpose-driven, healthy and meaningful lives, including:

  • Wellness campaigns that help employees boost their emotional well-being and get them moving around the office more to counteract the detrimental effects of sitting
  • A rewards program that gives employees a financial incentive to either have a healthy body mass index (BMI) or improve their BMI
  • Well-Being celebrations that offers employees an opportunity to visit a selection of booths showcasing local wellness resources

These are just some examples of the numerous wellness initiatives that have proven to successfully benefit our employee’s mind, body and spirit.