Employee Wellness Initiatives

Our employee wellness department, Motiva, piloted a number of wellness initiatives in 2015 to support all areas of our employees’ well-being. Each initiative was designed to engage employees and inspire them to make small but effective changes that can improve their emotional, mental and physical health. As a result of some of these initiatives, HCSC earned a “Platinum” level award from the National Business Group on Health as a “Best Employer for Healthy Lifestyles.”

Helping Our People Excel (H.O.P.E)

Studies suggest that happy, hopeful and productive people with solid support systems benefit from longer and healthier lives.* The goal of the H.O.P.E campaign was to foster the well-being and happiness of our employees so that they can reap these benefits. In 2015, Motiva:

  • Offered a series of webinars and presentations to help employees understand the research and science behind establishing a happier life
  • Sent out weekly emails to 12,000 subscribers with tips on how employees can enhance their emotional health
  • Created a team of 1,000 Happiness Champions whose mission was to help spread positive messages to their fellow employees as well as their friends and family

Sit for 60, Move for Two

Recent research shows that sitting for long periods of time raises the risk of people developing heart disease, diabetes, as well as becoming overweight.** Motiva designed the “Sit for 60, Move for Two” program to help employees counteract the detrimental effects of sitting for hours on end.

Employees can download a “Big Stretch” timer on their computers that reminds them to stand up and move around for a few minutes every hour. Motiva also made it easier for employees to become more active throughout the day by:

  • Maintaining fully-staffed fitness centers in our corporate offices and offering discounts to local gyms
  • Creating active break rooms in some offices that included ping pong, foosball and air hockey tables
  • Establishing wellness zones where employees can access exercise DVDs, small exercise equipment and recumbent bikes

Well-Being Celebrations

In 2015, Motiva spearheaded 18 Well-Being Celebrations where employees had the opportunity to visit a number of booths showcasing wellness resources located within the company and in their communities. Employees have said that these events encouraged them to take advantage of new resources and services, helped them improve the health of their families and inspired them to change some of their unhealthy behaviors.